My Top 12 Super Bowl Ads

Well, I told you I would write a post containing my top advertisements for the Super Bowl and here they are. I put them in order starting with my all time favorite.

#1. The Force: Volkswagon

I like this one just because it is funny. It has a sort of character to it.

#2. Doritos: Man’s Best Friend

This one is just funny. I mean, the way the dog uses a bag of Doritos to keep his owners’ mouth shut about the cat.

#3. Budweiser: Hank the Clydesdale

This one shows some down-right determination and I like it. Also, I just love the Clydesdales.

#4. Bud Light: Here We Go

This one is just a cute dog commercial. Simple as that.

#5. Mars: MMS

This is the ad that started it all with the “naked” chocolate. It’s funny, yet simple.

#6. Volkswagon: The Dog Strikes Back

This car ad also shows some determination on the dog’s part. It is just adorable how the dog does everything in his power to get back in shape just to chase the new Volkswagon. I also like how in the end it flashes back to the Darth Vader (#1) commercial.

#7. Coca-Cola: Polar Bears

This one shows the notorious Coca-Cola polar bears being anxious about the game. And what helps him out but a nice, cold refreshing Coca-Cola.

#8. Coca-Cola: Polar Bears “Catch”

This is just a funny one with the polar bears. It goes with the previous one.

#9. Budweiser: Return of the King

This commercial displays the importance of Budweiser.

#10. Marvel: The Avengers

Because this is not your typical commercial for a company, I like it. It set the stage for The Avengers movie.

#11. E*Trade: Baby

This is the commercial that sparked the controversy with Lindsey Lohan. It is a good commercial and I think it will always be one the “greats”.

and lastly….

#12. Suzuki: Sled

This commercial, featuring 50 Cent, puts a whole new meaning on the new Suzuki.

I hope you liked these commercials as much as I did. I could watch them over and over again and still laugh. I am looking forward to see what this Super Bowl’s commercials will bring. (and who knows, maybe I will post my Top 10 from this year…)

(All commercials courtesy of YouTube)

Super Bowl line up begins

So, I’m not a big fan of football. I mean, come on, they chase a ball around and tackle each other. And I never understood why they run towards other players. Why not run around them? Makes more sense to me to do it that way, but whatever. The only thing I understand is that when they cross that line, they get 6 points and getting it through the thing is 1 point. The only game I care about is the Super Bowl and that is for the commercials. I won’t even pick a team to root for. My theory is to go for the one that wins. 🙂

With that being said, Ad Age has so very kindly put up an article about the ad line up. Here is what they say:

CBS has more or less sold out its ad inventory for its coming broadcast of Super Bowl XLVII at prices averaging between $3.7 million and $3.8 million, according to ad buyers.

They even mentioned some of the celebrities that will be in them:

Celebrities and pseudo-celebs on the ad roster will include Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, Psy, Kate Upton, Usher, Danica Patrick and Kaley Cuoco from “The Big Bang Theory.”

The website also gives a list of which companies have already purchased a spot and they gave a little insight into what might be expected.

The usual companies you see every year are, again, returning. Those being, Coca-Cola, Bud Light, Pepsi, Axe and Then you have the usual car companies: Toyota, Volkswagon, Chrysler and Ford. This is not the complete list. I just picked a few.

I always look forward to the commercials and it seems like a good line up so far. I hope you enjoy the commercials as much as I do. (I’ll post my favorite Super Bowl Commercials later!)