Tornado damage on campus

I am breaking out my photography skills for this post. I walked around the Southern Miss campus and snapped a few photos of the damage/clean-up. The photos do not do it much justice, but I tried my best. I used my Sony Cybershot camera to take all the photos except for the last one where I used my iPhone. So, here goes nothing….









This is a picture of a pile of debris on campus. Unfortunately, there are several piles like this one.









Tree limbs and sticks litter campus.









Our brand new fence around campus got all bent out of shape when the tornado struck campus.









The live oak tree that stood near Southern Hall took a hit and is no more. That particular tree not only provided shade in the hot summer heat, but also provided a place for students to hang their hammocks from the tree limbs and enjoy a nice afternoon.









This tree took a big hit as well. You can see all the debris from the tree littering the street.









A friend looks for his car that got damaged in the storm.









This is in between Southern Hall and McLemore Hall. Mud and tree debris can be found all over campus.









More debris piles around campus. The clean-up process has begun and slowly, but surely, campus will be restored to its grandeur.











We found his car. They had towed it to the car compound. You can see it took a pretty big hit on the passenger side. This was one of the most damaged vehicles though. Most of the vehicles had blown out windows, but others had some side damage as well.

I think this was one of the worst storms in the history of Southern Miss. We will rebuild! Other parts of Hattiesburg got severe damage as well, mostly towards the downtown area. My church, Westminster Presbyterian Church, took a big hit and it will take some time to recover. It’s a very sad feeling, but we are a strong community. I want to thank everyone who has come out to show their support by either donating or helping with the clean up. Thanks and SMTTT!