Ad Campaign: Apple

Apple is innovative. Steve Jobs did a good job at that. If you do not use an Apple product by now, you are behind the times or just being stubborn. I am typing this on my MacBook. I have my iPhone 4S sitting right next to me and my iPad Mini next to that and an iPod Classic and iPod Touch somewhere around here. You might could say that I like Apple. I do. It is the best thing and you get your money’s worth. Now, Apple has come up with some pretty clever ads. I am going to mention just a few here.

Here is one for the then new iPhone 5.

It is about your thumb and how the new iPhone has a bigger screen to fit your thumb’s needs. It is just the right size now.

Here is another similar one, but about ears. Apple came out with new headphones to fit any size and shape of ears.

This next one is for the new iPod, entitled, “Bounce”.

I love how the iPods bounce around and become new iPods of different colors and styles. It has a decent song and good colors, so I like it.

And now how about one for the  new panorama setting on the camera?

This one is called, “Cheese” and it is amazing. It was definitely talked about in my advertising classes last semester. The panorama setting can take any length of picture. I have used the setting on my phone to take a cool sunset shot outside of work. Needless to say, it is awesome.

And now for the ever popular print ads.

I will start off with an older one.



This ad is obviously for their first computer. But see the colors? Apple has always been about color.

The next 2 ads are for the iPod. I am sure you have seen them before, but I will post them anyway.





Simple, but gets the point across. I like it.

And lastly,


(All videos and images courtesy of YouTube and Google)