Ad Campaign: Geico

“15 minutes could save you 15% or more on car insurance.” That is the slogan of Geico. Now, everyone knows the Australian-accented gecko is the main symbol of Geico. I love that little lizard. There have been some great commercials with him in the past. But there is also the “happier than ____” campaign. Those are still great commercials, but I like the lizard ones better. Another campaign they did was with the pig, Maxwell. Here are a few of my favorites of each, starting with the gecko.

#1: “Flat Tire”

In this one, the Gecko has a flat tire, but he wants to be a little more dramatic about it, which makes it funny.

#2: “Mount Rushmore”

The Gecko is not that great with directions, as shown here in this commercial. I think he was trying to get to Mount Rushmore, but did not realize he was already there.


#3: “Ventriloquist”

I guess lizards do not make good ventriloquists, according to Bobby.

Now for some “happier than ___” commercials.

#1: “Two Tickets”

People saving money on switching to Geico are happier than Eddie Money running a travel agency.

#2: “Dikembe Mutombo”

People saving hundreds are happier than Dikembe Mutombo blocking a shot. I am just going to assume that this guy is a famous basketball player?

#3: “Directing Traffic”

Ever seen a body builder directing traffic? I sure have not, but he seems pretty happy doing it.

And lastly, the Maxwell the pig commercials.

#1: “Weeee”

This commercial cracks me up every time I watch it! The question? “Did the little piggy cry wee, wee, wee all the way home?” The answer? “Yes, yes he did.”

#2: “Zip line”

I love the zip line. I did it once at camp and wish I could do it again. Just something about the feel of the rush of the wind in your face. It’s amazing. Maxwell the Pig returns in this commercial saying “Weee” while going down the zip line.

and lastly,

#3: “Street Lunge”

Another “Weeeee” commercial, this time, while street lunging. Notice how in all 3 commercials Maxwell has his pinwheels?

I personally like the Gecko and Pig commercials the best. Geico also did some commercials with woodchucks and bucks and probably some more like that. Those are great too, I just did not post them here. If you ever need a laugh, just watch these commercials. 🙂








(All videos and images courtesy of YouTube and Google.)