Ad Campaign: McDonald’s

Let’s face it. Everyone has that craving for McDonald’s. Who doesn’t love that dollar menu and their food full of calories?? I absolutely love those chicken mcnuggets. 🙂 Well, let’s see how their advertising stands in the big world full of other fast food chain restaurants. I already did a blog post on Chick-fil-A and plan to do more on other fast food chains. Not only do they advertise their new menu/deals on their own sign, but they also have some great billboards and commercials. Even their trucks have fries on them!

I will start with the billboards.

You can see the first two are about their fries.




This one is the McDonald’s truck with the fries flying out of their holder.








This billboard is actually really neat. It is a sundial and each image has a time on it. When the McDonald’s sign hits that time, then you should eat that item.

I found a blog that explains this technique in more detail. Leo Burnett made this sundial and here is a video of it in action outside of Wrigley Field.









This one mentions the (then) new iced frappe.


“This sandwich is so good that you want to eat the billboard!” 








And lastly, here is one that mentions what your $1 can get you on the dollar menu.


Notice that every single billboard has their logo on it? That is a MUST in advertising.

Also, McDonald’s will advertise for their Monopoly game they do every year. Here is a commercial from 2011:

All in all, I think McDonald’s does a great job advertising their food and their promotional items like the Monopoly game.

(All images courtesy of Google and video courtesy of YouTube)