Ad Campaign: Eukanuba

Alright, so now I am transitioning into favorite advertising campaigns. One of those being Eukanuba‘s Everybody Wants to be a Dog. Leo Burnett advertising agency (he’s pretty famous in the ad world) did this campaign for them. Eukanuba published several different print ads with the phrase, “Everybody Wants to be a Dog” and they are great ads; very funny. I also like some of the other advertisements they have published as well. I will start with the campaign.

Here are 5 of their published print ads.

Eukanuba BirdEukanuba CatEukanuba TortoiseEukanuba RabbitEukanuba Cat

Each one of these is unique in its own way. First, the cat should not urinate on the tire like a dog would. Second, the bird does not bring the paper in through the doggie door. Third, rabbits do not hunt. Fourth, turtles do not go for walks and fifth, cats hate water and would never fetch a stick (I have cats at home and know this for a fact).

Eukanuba also had commercials produced as well.

Here is one from 2011 titled, “See No Limits”

The dogs who eat Eukanuba see no limits in their lives. It is a simple, yet astounding video.

Here is another one, and one of my favorites, titled, “Fetch”. Saatchi & Saatchi produced this video.

In this commercial, they trained dogs to walk around with a bag of Eukanuba dog food in their mouth. It is also simple, but it gets their attention.

I will now close with 3 more advertisements that are just plain funny.


Hope you enjoy those as much as I do. They took pieces of dog food and made characters out of them that a dog just loves. Hence, the mail man running away, the cat looking scared and the shoe all untied.


(All videos and images courtesy of YouTube and Google)