Ad Campaign: Honda

I thought I would go a different route for my 20th blog post and do a car company. Specifically, Honda. Now, I like Honda cars. I do not drive one, but my mom has a Honda Odyssey van and it is pretty awesome. Honda has come out with some neat commercials in the past few years and I wanted to shed some light on them.

Honda-The Cog

“Isn’t it nice when things just work” are the only words spoken in this commercial. This commercial is very innovative. They took the parts used in the Honda Accord and set up a “domino effect”. This impresses me because I am sure it took a lot of time and effort to get those pieces to work just right.


“This is what Honda feels like” are the first words spoken in this commercial. It was made for the UK, but it is again, innovative. Honda found a choir to imitate the sounds a Honda car makes. All of the sounds you here are the choir and not the car itself. Again, I am very impressed.

Honda-Things can always be better

“Things can always be better” is the theme of this advertisement for the Honda Civic line. Honda showcases people who think ahead of the times, just like they do. I think it is just a neat commercial. Not as innovative as the first two, but still neat.

Honda Accord-We Know You

Honda says that because we know you, the drivers, we are able to make a car to fit your needs. Honda seems to do a lot of research before making their commercials and that is a good thing. Research is required to make a commercial work the way it is intended to and I think this one worked.

All in all, Honda has produced some innovative and nifty advertisements. Watching these ads makes me want a Honda and believe me, I have looked through their website and found the car I want. Their cars are top of the line and in sync with today’s advanced technology. I’m not saying other car companies do not have great commercials, cause they do, I just like Honda’s.

(All videos courtesy of YouTube)



Ad Campaign: Swiffer

“Swiffer gives cleaning a whole new meaning.” How many of you use Swiffer products? I sure do. I love my little duster thing and it works really well. Now, how many of you like their commercials? I like them. They are funny and unique and it works for them. Swiffer has taken love to a whole new meaning in these ads.

#1: “Nerdy Girls”

This one is about two girls who need to feel loved, and the dust girl finds that one true love with the Swiffer duster.

#2: “Dust Dude”

I have always liked this commercial. The dust is just chilling in your keyboard. Ever check your keyboard after this commercial? I have and man, does it need a good dusting.

#3: “Swiffer WetJet”

“Who’s that lady?” oh wait, that’s a mop and a bowling ball kicked to the garage. Hey, at least they found love. lol

#4: “Swiffer Sweeper”

And another “sexy lady” commercial, except this time its a broom and a rake with a leaf stuck to it.

#5: “Swiffer 360 Duster”

This one is about the duster being kicked to the curb. The duster, feeling left out, gets a mariachi band to try to win her back, except it does not work. Poor little duster.

#6: “TV Store Spot”

“Don’t you want me baby??” The mop is now the one all alone again, standing outside the store in the rain watching this commercial. It’s very sad, but gets the point across.

and lastly,

#7: “Swiffer WetJet…again”

Another mop one. Noticing a trend here in their advertising? The mop is the one always left out. In this one, the mop tries to get back in the house with flowers and a candy gram. But, sadly, it does not work.

Swiffer is a popular brand that took inanimate objects and gave them character. Their advertising is excellent and I just love those commercials. 🙂

(All videos courtesy of YouTube)

Ad Campaign: Hershey’s Kisses

“Delightfully Delicious, One-of-a-kind Kisses.” I love Hershey’s Kisses. They are one of my favorite chocolates. Milk chocolate ones that is. 🙂 I also love how Hershey’s does their advertising. Specifically their commercials. I just love those dancing Kisses. Here is a list of my favorite commercials and why I like them.

#1: “Kisses Christmas”

Now, this one is mine and my mom’s all time favorite! We look forward to this commercial every Christmas season and stop what we are doing to listen and play along. The “Phew” part at the very end is the best! 🙂

#2: “Off to Work We Go”

This commercial is from their 2009 campaign. It is probably the most popular one played on TV. I like all of the commercials similar to this one, where they have to pass the “shine test” and everything. Very clever, Hershey’s.

#3: “Caramel Factory”

This one is similar to that last commercial and, of course, I love it just as much. I just love that the Kisses are wearing hardhats!

#4: “You’re Like Me”

This one features their Almond Kisses and what goes in to making that special kiss.

#5: “Curious Kiss”

Love cookies and creme as much as I do? Well this one features a curious milk chocolate kiss wondering about what is going on in the next room.

And lastly,

#6: “Marching Band”

This is another one of my favorites. The video says it is from 2005. I was in the band all throughout middle school and high school so this one speaks to me on a more personal level. I love how the Kisses turn into marching band instruments and the fact that there is a flute (I played flute) and a triangle (I was in the front ensemble playing the marimba/any other percussion instrument). 🙂

Well I don’t know about you, but now I want some Hershey’s Kisses.

I think I might just go eat one…or two.

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