Ad Campaign: Burger King

So I did Chick-fil-A and McDonald’s. Now it is time for Burger King. Burger King is known for their Whopper. Everyone knows that. The Whopper is usually the highlighted item in their advertising as well. That is what they want to sell. I have come across quite a few advertisements for Burger King and I will post my favorites.

This one is comparing the Whopper to a Big Mac. Obviously, the Whopper is bigger.


This one is also comparing the two, but this advertisement does not use any extra words to get their point across. The Whopper still wins. Hands down.


Now, Burger King does advertise their other menu items, just not as often as the Whopper. This ad is for the Chicken Royale Sandwich. If you look close enough, the steam coming off the sandwich  makes a picture of what looks to be a lady, maybe a queen? Either way, that is creative.


This sandwich will “blow your mind away”. That must mean it is good. The image of the girl even looks like her mind is blown and she has not even taken a bite of the sandwich yet. Burger King says, “It just tastes better.”


This next advertisement is a little bit different. It says, “Taste the win” and has hands with the “rock, paper, scissors”  movements. So no matter what you decide to play, you will always win. This burger, probably a Whopper, is what you win.


The next two ads I found are for their breakfast items.


This one is for their delicious Cinnabon cinnamon rolls that you can get for just $1.


And this one if for their new muffin sandwich and breakfast bowl. They want you to, “shake up your wake up” with this new breakfast sandwich or new breakfast bowl. What better way to start the day, right?

Lastly, I have an older advertisement. He looks like Bill Cosby, but I am not too sure. But, the, “Have it your way” gets doubled now with the new double meat burger. Still delicious with twice the meat.


Burger King has some great ads out there, but I wish they would be more diverse in what product they are advertising. Almost all the Google images that came up were for the Whopper. Okay, I get it, the Whopper is their best menu item, but come on, shed some light on those other menu items.

(All images courtesy of Google)


Ad Campaign: Chick-fil-A

Everyone knows Chick-fil-A. Everyone. So I decided to shed some light on their advertising, specifically, the cows. When I think of Chick-fil-A, I automatically think of the cows. The cow campaign started in 1995 and has since taken off to reach millions. They have produced some great 3-D billboards, along with some funny commercials. I am just going to focus on the billboards.

I will start with the standing cows carrying a sign.

cowsThis is their slogan carried by the cows. When you see this, you think Chick-fil-A and you do not have to think twice. This slogan has become very popular with them and I do not see it going anywhere anytime soon. Below are some more cow advertisements. All of them are saying the chicken is better than beef.chick21






Next, we have a cow that advertises a free chicken sandwich. The catch? You have to dress like a cow. This is a popular day for Chick-fil-A and grabs a lot of attention. You will see tons of people dressing up like a cow just to get some free chicken. They even have their own cow mascot who comes around the restaurant and interacts with the children. cowcostume










And now we have their infamous billboards.



The first one is advertising their new spicy chicken sandwich and the cows are firefighters because that is what you will need to put that fire out of your mouth. The second one is for their delicious shakes. All you need to wash down that chicken is a shake and they have a few flavors to choose from.  The third is just one of those funny ones you see while driving on the interstate. It says if you eat beef, you will fall asleep and that is not good when driving long distances. Notice the sleeping cows??sleeping cows








Lastly on the billboards, they do seasonal ones. Here are a couple from Christmas time.

BR billboard cows copychristmas cows










The first one is a play off the lyrics, “the weather outside is frightful” from the song, “Let It Snow”. The second one is the cows being santa and his reindeer. Add chicken to your wish list and Santa is sure to come.

I love Chick-fil-A and I love those cows. It would be a sad day if they retired. Notice the cows’ spelling?? That’s what makes it more realistic to me. If you want to read another blog post on this cow campaign, go here.

(All photos courtesy of Google)