Ad Campaign: Does Sex Sell?

Does sex really sell? I think it is mostly a matter of opinion. Some brands rely on the “sexiness” to sell their product. One of those brands and the first one that should pop into your head, is Axe. Axe is notorious for showing half-naked women in their ads for men’s products. This is appealing to the men’s desire for a “sexy” woman. Here are a few commercials in which this is displayed. Let’s watch.

The Axe Effect-Women-Billions

“Spray more, get more” is the catchy phrase at the end of this commercial. Women in skimpy bikinis are running and running towards the smell of Axe on a man. Axe is definitely playing on the “sex” effect because the message is this: if you use Axe, then hundreds of skimpy dressed women will come running towards you, allowing you to “get more”. Kinda dirty, huh?

The Axe Effect-Bar Dance

This commercial is not as dirty as the first one. It is just saying that “We can help you with the girls. But the dancing? That’s up to you.” By using Axe, you will get the hot ladies, but wether or not you can dance is all you.

Axe Dirty Rolling Ad (Warning: uncensored)

The catch phrase? “How dirty boys get clean”. The girl starts making out with the boy and they roll all around everywhere, ending up getting very, very dirty. Well, an Axe truck gets knocked into the water spilling bottles of Axe everywhere. The two fall into the ocean as well, getting cleaned by the Axe. This is how dirty boys get clean.

And lastly,


In this commercial, a girl sees a shark and the cute lifeguard does what he can to save her. However, after the rescue, an astronaut shows up and she goes for him. Of course, she is wearing a string bikini. The phrase? “Nothing beats an astronaut”.

Each of these commercials plays on the sense of sexiness. Axe does a good job at it, but I think sometimes they go to far. There are some other commercials out there that I decided not to post here because of that. If you want to see more commercials/videos from Axe, you can visit their YouTube channel.

So, does sex really sell? I still think it is a matter of opinion. I personally would not buy Axe, but I am a girl. I think most guys would because that is how they think. Correct me if I’m wrong, but guys like feeling “sexy” and Axe will do that for you.

(All videos courtesy of YouTube)