Ad Campaign: Swiffer

“Swiffer gives cleaning a whole new meaning.” How many of you use Swiffer products? I sure do. I love my little duster thing and it works really well. Now, how many of you like their commercials? I like them. They are funny and unique and it works for them. Swiffer has taken love to a whole new meaning in these ads.

#1: “Nerdy Girls”

This one is about two girls who need to feel loved, and the dust girl finds that one true love with the Swiffer duster.

#2: “Dust Dude”

I have always liked this commercial. The dust is just chilling in your keyboard. Ever check your keyboard after this commercial? I have and man, does it need a good dusting.

#3: “Swiffer WetJet”

“Who’s that lady?” oh wait, that’s a mop and a bowling ball kicked to the garage. Hey, at least they found love. lol

#4: “Swiffer Sweeper”

And another “sexy lady” commercial, except this time its a broom and a rake with a leaf stuck to it.

#5: “Swiffer 360 Duster”

This one is about the duster being kicked to the curb. The duster, feeling left out, gets a mariachi band to try to win her back, except it does not work. Poor little duster.

#6: “TV Store Spot”

“Don’t you want me baby??” The mop is now the one all alone again, standing outside the store in the rain watching this commercial. It’s very sad, but gets the point across.

and lastly,

#7: “Swiffer WetJet…again”

Another mop one. Noticing a trend here in their advertising? The mop is the one always left out. In this one, the mop tries to get back in the house with flowers and a candy gram. But, sadly, it does not work.

Swiffer is a popular brand that took inanimate objects and gave them character. Their advertising is excellent and I just love those commercials. 🙂

(All videos courtesy of YouTube)


Ad Campaign: Hershey’s Kisses

“Delightfully Delicious, One-of-a-kind Kisses.” I love Hershey’s Kisses. They are one of my favorite chocolates. Milk chocolate ones that is. 🙂 I also love how Hershey’s does their advertising. Specifically their commercials. I just love those dancing Kisses. Here is a list of my favorite commercials and why I like them.

#1: “Kisses Christmas”

Now, this one is mine and my mom’s all time favorite! We look forward to this commercial every Christmas season and stop what we are doing to listen and play along. The “Phew” part at the very end is the best! 🙂

#2: “Off to Work We Go”

This commercial is from their 2009 campaign. It is probably the most popular one played on TV. I like all of the commercials similar to this one, where they have to pass the “shine test” and everything. Very clever, Hershey’s.

#3: “Caramel Factory”

This one is similar to that last commercial and, of course, I love it just as much. I just love that the Kisses are wearing hardhats!

#4: “You’re Like Me”

This one features their Almond Kisses and what goes in to making that special kiss.

#5: “Curious Kiss”

Love cookies and creme as much as I do? Well this one features a curious milk chocolate kiss wondering about what is going on in the next room.

And lastly,

#6: “Marching Band”

This is another one of my favorites. The video says it is from 2005. I was in the band all throughout middle school and high school so this one speaks to me on a more personal level. I love how the Kisses turn into marching band instruments and the fact that there is a flute (I played flute) and a triangle (I was in the front ensemble playing the marimba/any other percussion instrument). 🙂

Well I don’t know about you, but now I want some Hershey’s Kisses.

I think I might just go eat one…or two.

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The Good Super Bowl Commercials

Well the Super Bowl has ended. Commercials have come and gone, but some are still being talked about. Some in a good way. Some in a bad way. Personally, I did not really like all the commercials this year, but some have stood out amongst the crowd. Here is my own personal list of the good ones. I am not going to mention all the commercials, but just a few to get the point across.

My sister and I were texting back and forth about the commercials. She helped me choose the best ones.

The Good List:

#1. Budweiser: “Brotherhood”

This one is nostalgic and excellent. Budweiser has done it again with the Clydesdales.

#2. Tide: “Joe Montana Stain”

This one is funny. The guy gets a stain on his jersey in the shape of Joe Montana and then the wife washes it…she’s wearing a Ravens jersey…

#3. Samsung: “Next Big Thing”

Seth Rogen and Paul Rudd star is this hilarious commercial that mocks other brands’ commercials.

#4. Coke: “Chase”

This commercial leaves you in suspense and you get to decide who wins the Coke.

#5. Kia” “Space Babies”

Classic story a father would tell  his son about where a baby comes from. The Kia helps change the subject by playing “The Wheels on the Bus”.

#6. Oreo: “Choose Your Side”

Oreo dominated in the advertising, especially when the lights went out in the stadium. Didn’t get to see it? Here is the ad they came up with on the spot. They put this on Twitter and it became a sensation. 🙂



#7. Pistachio: “Crackin’ Gangnam Style”

This one was funny and kind of weird. It was definitely a talked about commercial.

#8. Dodge: “So God Made a Farmer”

Now this one did not make as much sense to me as the other ones. I get that farmers need heavy duty trucks to do their work, but they barely mention a Dodge. In face they don’t until the very end and then it says, “To the farmer in all of us”. I guess every one has a need for a Dodge truck? I personally don’t like Dodges. But that’s my opinion.

Well there you have it. My list of the top most-talked about Super Bowl commercials. Hope you enjoyed and check back for more ad campaigns.

Ad Campaign: Apple

Apple is innovative. Steve Jobs did a good job at that. If you do not use an Apple product by now, you are behind the times or just being stubborn. I am typing this on my MacBook. I have my iPhone 4S sitting right next to me and my iPad Mini next to that and an iPod Classic and iPod Touch somewhere around here. You might could say that I like Apple. I do. It is the best thing and you get your money’s worth. Now, Apple has come up with some pretty clever ads. I am going to mention just a few here.

Here is one for the then new iPhone 5.

It is about your thumb and how the new iPhone has a bigger screen to fit your thumb’s needs. It is just the right size now.

Here is another similar one, but about ears. Apple came out with new headphones to fit any size and shape of ears.

This next one is for the new iPod, entitled, “Bounce”.

I love how the iPods bounce around and become new iPods of different colors and styles. It has a decent song and good colors, so I like it.

And now how about one for the  new panorama setting on the camera?

This one is called, “Cheese” and it is amazing. It was definitely talked about in my advertising classes last semester. The panorama setting can take any length of picture. I have used the setting on my phone to take a cool sunset shot outside of work. Needless to say, it is awesome.

And now for the ever popular print ads.

I will start off with an older one.



This ad is obviously for their first computer. But see the colors? Apple has always been about color.

The next 2 ads are for the iPod. I am sure you have seen them before, but I will post them anyway.





Simple, but gets the point across. I like it.

And lastly,


(All videos and images courtesy of YouTube and Google)

Ad Campaign: Burger King

So I did Chick-fil-A and McDonald’s. Now it is time for Burger King. Burger King is known for their Whopper. Everyone knows that. The Whopper is usually the highlighted item in their advertising as well. That is what they want to sell. I have come across quite a few advertisements for Burger King and I will post my favorites.

This one is comparing the Whopper to a Big Mac. Obviously, the Whopper is bigger.


This one is also comparing the two, but this advertisement does not use any extra words to get their point across. The Whopper still wins. Hands down.


Now, Burger King does advertise their other menu items, just not as often as the Whopper. This ad is for the Chicken Royale Sandwich. If you look close enough, the steam coming off the sandwich  makes a picture of what looks to be a lady, maybe a queen? Either way, that is creative.


This sandwich will “blow your mind away”. That must mean it is good. The image of the girl even looks like her mind is blown and she has not even taken a bite of the sandwich yet. Burger King says, “It just tastes better.”


This next advertisement is a little bit different. It says, “Taste the win” and has hands with the “rock, paper, scissors”  movements. So no matter what you decide to play, you will always win. This burger, probably a Whopper, is what you win.


The next two ads I found are for their breakfast items.


This one is for their delicious Cinnabon cinnamon rolls that you can get for just $1.


And this one if for their new muffin sandwich and breakfast bowl. They want you to, “shake up your wake up” with this new breakfast sandwich or new breakfast bowl. What better way to start the day, right?

Lastly, I have an older advertisement. He looks like Bill Cosby, but I am not too sure. But, the, “Have it your way” gets doubled now with the new double meat burger. Still delicious with twice the meat.


Burger King has some great ads out there, but I wish they would be more diverse in what product they are advertising. Almost all the Google images that came up were for the Whopper. Okay, I get it, the Whopper is their best menu item, but come on, shed some light on those other menu items.

(All images courtesy of Google)

Ad Campaign: McDonald’s

Let’s face it. Everyone has that craving for McDonald’s. Who doesn’t love that dollar menu and their food full of calories?? I absolutely love those chicken mcnuggets. 🙂 Well, let’s see how their advertising stands in the big world full of other fast food chain restaurants. I already did a blog post on Chick-fil-A and plan to do more on other fast food chains. Not only do they advertise their new menu/deals on their own sign, but they also have some great billboards and commercials. Even their trucks have fries on them!

I will start with the billboards.

You can see the first two are about their fries.




This one is the McDonald’s truck with the fries flying out of their holder.








This billboard is actually really neat. It is a sundial and each image has a time on it. When the McDonald’s sign hits that time, then you should eat that item.

I found a blog that explains this technique in more detail. Leo Burnett made this sundial and here is a video of it in action outside of Wrigley Field.









This one mentions the (then) new iced frappe.


“This sandwich is so good that you want to eat the billboard!” 








And lastly, here is one that mentions what your $1 can get you on the dollar menu.


Notice that every single billboard has their logo on it? That is a MUST in advertising.

Also, McDonald’s will advertise for their Monopoly game they do every year. Here is a commercial from 2011:

All in all, I think McDonald’s does a great job advertising their food and their promotional items like the Monopoly game.

(All images courtesy of Google and video courtesy of YouTube)

School and graduation and jobs…oh my!

So, tomorrow is my last first day of school…ever! (Unless I go to grad school which will be a year or so down the road). It is a bittersweet feeling. I will miss college, but I will not miss the crazy schedules. I am a set-in-stone-schedule kind of gal. But, not only is it the first day of school for me, but it also happens to be my birthday and it is supposed to be cold and rainy. How awful is that? I mean, it is supposed to snow back home in north Mississippi! Why can’t it snow in south Mississippi? Darn this crazy weather!

Anyway, this semester should be my easiest one yet. I already took 3 hours as a mini session last week (see the social media post). I only have 7 hours the first 8 weeks and 8 hours the second 8 weeks. Not too shabby. I will start my capstone class. Yay! And I am taking a Public Relations class to help with my advertising career since the two go hand in hand. The other classes are just electives, with one being first aid so I can officially be certified. It will look good since I work with kids all the time. 🙂

I am looking forward to this semester though. It is amazing how time flies in college. I feel like just yesterday I was graduating high school and starting my first day as a freshman, and now I am in my last semester and about to graduate college! So much left to do though…still need to get on that job hunt (the senioritis is starting to kick in). I want to get out of the state of Mississippi. I need somewhere with a more stable climate…or the east coach beach…whichever works. I am ready for my “big girl” job though. It is exciting and scary at the same time. I just hope I can be one of those lucky ones that will get a job shortly after graduation. (hint, hint to the advertising people reading this; keep me posted on ANY job openings)

Well, I hope those of you that are in school are enjoying it. Treasure the moments now because time does fly on by! My advice? Don’t spend all your time studying. Take a break and hang out with some friends. Do something for yourself every now and then and procrastinate a tiny bit.

Lisa 🙂