Social Media

As you know, I am a student at Southern Miss. I created this blog for my mini session class, MCJ 480, or Seminar in Journalism: Social Media Success. I have really enjoyed this class so far. We spent all day yesterday setting up Twitter accounts (and crashing Twitter!) and linking that to HootSuite (crashed that site too!). You can follow me on Twitter (@lisagurley) and I will probably follow you back. If you go to Southern Miss and love social media, I highly recommend this class. Dr. Gina Chen is an awesome professor!

I am an Advertising student, but social media is a big part of any career choice, not just mass communications. If you love advertising, check out the other blogs on my blog roll as well. You can also follow me on Pinterest and check out my Advertising board.

Social media is a great thing to be involved with and it really connects you to others with similar interests. I have a Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, and now a blog. I’m not big on Twitter, but I will try to “tweet” as much as I can. Personally, the best way to contact me is through my email address. If you don’t have social media accounts, I recommend you establish one or two or three. I think it really helps with the endless job hunt I am on.

Anyway, hope you enjoy this crazy blog.