Ad Campaign: Honda

I thought I would go a different route for my 20th blog post and do a car company. Specifically, Honda. Now, I like Honda cars. I do not drive one, but my mom has a Honda Odyssey van and it is pretty awesome. Honda has come out with some neat commercials in the past few years and I wanted to shed some light on them.

Honda-The Cog

“Isn’t it nice when things just work” are the only words spoken in this commercial. This commercial is very innovative. They took the parts used in the Honda Accord and set up a “domino effect”. This impresses me because I am sure it took a lot of time and effort to get those pieces to work just right.


“This is what Honda feels like” are the first words spoken in this commercial. It was made for the UK, but it is again, innovative. Honda found a choir to imitate the sounds a Honda car makes. All of the sounds you here are the choir and not the car itself. Again, I am very impressed.

Honda-Things can always be better

“Things can always be better” is the theme of this advertisement for the Honda Civic line. Honda showcases people who think ahead of the times, just like they do. I think it is just a neat commercial. Not as innovative as the first two, but still neat.

Honda Accord-We Know You

Honda says that because we know you, the drivers, we are able to make a car to fit your needs. Honda seems to do a lot of research before making their commercials and that is a good thing. Research is required to make a commercial work the way it is intended to and I think this one worked.

All in all, Honda has produced some innovative and nifty advertisements. Watching these ads makes me want a Honda and believe me, I have looked through their website and found the car I want. Their cars are top of the line and in sync with today’s advanced technology. I’m not saying other car companies do not have great commercials, cause they do, I just like Honda’s.

(All videos courtesy of YouTube)



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