Ad Campaign: Honda

I thought I would go a different route for my 20th blog post and do a car company. Specifically, Honda. Now, I like Honda cars. I do not drive one, but my mom has a Honda Odyssey van and it is pretty awesome. Honda has come out with some neat commercials in the past few years and I wanted to shed some light on them.

Honda-The Cog

“Isn’t it nice when things just work” are the only words spoken in this commercial. This commercial is very innovative. They took the parts used in the Honda Accord and set up a “domino effect”. This impresses me because I am sure it took a lot of time and effort to get those pieces to work just right.


“This is what Honda feels like” are the first words spoken in this commercial. It was made for the UK, but it is again, innovative. Honda found a choir to imitate the sounds a Honda car makes. All of the sounds you here are the choir and not the car itself. Again, I am very impressed.

Honda-Things can always be better

“Things can always be better” is the theme of this advertisement for the Honda Civic line. Honda showcases people who think ahead of the times, just like they do. I think it is just a neat commercial. Not as innovative as the first two, but still neat.

Honda Accord-We Know You

Honda says that because we know you, the drivers, we are able to make a car to fit your needs. Honda seems to do a lot of research before making their commercials and that is a good thing. Research is required to make a commercial work the way it is intended to and I think this one worked.

All in all, Honda has produced some innovative and nifty advertisements. Watching these ads makes me want a Honda and believe me, I have looked through their website and found the car I want. Their cars are top of the line and in sync with today’s advanced technology. I’m not saying other car companies do not have great commercials, cause they do, I just like Honda’s.

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Ad Campaign: Does Sex Sell?

Does sex really sell? I think it is mostly a matter of opinion. Some brands rely on the “sexiness” to sell their product. One of those brands and the first one that should pop into your head, is Axe. Axe is notorious for showing half-naked women in their ads for men’s products. This is appealing to the men’s desire for a “sexy” woman. Here are a few commercials in which this is displayed. Let’s watch.

The Axe Effect-Women-Billions

“Spray more, get more” is the catchy phrase at the end of this commercial. Women in skimpy bikinis are running and running towards the smell of Axe on a man. Axe is definitely playing on the “sex” effect because the message is this: if you use Axe, then hundreds of skimpy dressed women will come running towards you, allowing you to “get more”. Kinda dirty, huh?

The Axe Effect-Bar Dance

This commercial is not as dirty as the first one. It is just saying that “We can help you with the girls. But the dancing? That’s up to you.” By using Axe, you will get the hot ladies, but wether or not you can dance is all you.

Axe Dirty Rolling Ad (Warning: uncensored)

The catch phrase? “How dirty boys get clean”. The girl starts making out with the boy and they roll all around everywhere, ending up getting very, very dirty. Well, an Axe truck gets knocked into the water spilling bottles of Axe everywhere. The two fall into the ocean as well, getting cleaned by the Axe. This is how dirty boys get clean.

And lastly,


In this commercial, a girl sees a shark and the cute lifeguard does what he can to save her. However, after the rescue, an astronaut shows up and she goes for him. Of course, she is wearing a string bikini. The phrase? “Nothing beats an astronaut”.

Each of these commercials plays on the sense of sexiness. Axe does a good job at it, but I think sometimes they go to far. There are some other commercials out there that I decided not to post here because of that. If you want to see more commercials/videos from Axe, you can visit their YouTube channel.

So, does sex really sell? I still think it is a matter of opinion. I personally would not buy Axe, but I am a girl. I think most guys would because that is how they think. Correct me if I’m wrong, but guys like feeling “sexy” and Axe will do that for you.

(All videos courtesy of YouTube)

Tornado damage on campus

I am breaking out my photography skills for this post. I walked around the Southern Miss campus and snapped a few photos of the damage/clean-up. The photos do not do it much justice, but I tried my best. I used my Sony Cybershot camera to take all the photos except for the last one where I used my iPhone. So, here goes nothing….









This is a picture of a pile of debris on campus. Unfortunately, there are several piles like this one.









Tree limbs and sticks litter campus.









Our brand new fence around campus got all bent out of shape when the tornado struck campus.









The live oak tree that stood near Southern Hall took a hit and is no more. That particular tree not only provided shade in the hot summer heat, but also provided a place for students to hang their hammocks from the tree limbs and enjoy a nice afternoon.









This tree took a big hit as well. You can see all the debris from the tree littering the street.









A friend looks for his car that got damaged in the storm.









This is in between Southern Hall and McLemore Hall. Mud and tree debris can be found all over campus.









More debris piles around campus. The clean-up process has begun and slowly, but surely, campus will be restored to its grandeur.











We found his car. They had towed it to the car compound. You can see it took a pretty big hit on the passenger side. This was one of the most damaged vehicles though. Most of the vehicles had blown out windows, but others had some side damage as well.

I think this was one of the worst storms in the history of Southern Miss. We will rebuild! Other parts of Hattiesburg got severe damage as well, mostly towards the downtown area. My church, Westminster Presbyterian Church, took a big hit and it will take some time to recover. It’s a very sad feeling, but we are a strong community. I want to thank everyone who has come out to show their support by either donating or helping with the clean up. Thanks and SMTTT!

I just survived a tornado…

So I just survived my first ever tornado! Crazy right??? I have never before in my life witnessed a tornado and this thing was massive! Here is a picture of half the tornado taken at T.G.I. Friday’s in Hattiesburg, Miss. That is one of my co-workers, Bethany, in the picture. This thing was massive (later announced as an EF4 tornado)…you can only see half of it because it was moving so fast.












After I snapped this picture, I went straight to the freezer with the few guests that were there. I was not about to get hit by one. Thankfully, it was on the other side of the highway though.

On my drive back home, I witnessed a bunch of debris on the roads and trees were down. Here are a few of those pictures (sorry they are a little blurry…I was taking them from my car…don’t worry, I was stopped while taking the pictures).












Here is a tree down on Hardy Street, blocking the left lane.

uprooted tree









Sorry it is so dark, but you can kinda tell that the tree was uprooted completely.

After I witnessed this tree down, I saw that the Jr. Food Mart gas station was destroyed.

gas station









This is the intersection at the gas station. The light posts were completely destroyed, power was out everywhere. This is also right next to the Southern Miss Campus, where I go to school.

gas station 2











Here is a really blurry one, but it is of the gas station. You can kinda see where the pumps used to be.

gas station 3











I think this used to be a light post… You can see that it is all bent out of shape from the tornado.

gas station 4











The “what used to be gas pumps” photo. You can see the fire trucks and police cars are there.

So sorry the pictures are blurry. I was taking them from my iPhone while sitting in my car. But hey, I survived a tornando with no damage done to my apartment complex, or my car, or my work place and lived to tell the tale. I just hope I never have to go through this again. It was scary then and I’m sure it will be scary again. Please just keep Hattiesburg in your thoughts and prayers. Thank you.

(All images are my own)

Ad Campaign: Geico

“15 minutes could save you 15% or more on car insurance.” That is the slogan of Geico. Now, everyone knows the Australian-accented gecko is the main symbol of Geico. I love that little lizard. There have been some great commercials with him in the past. But there is also the “happier than ____” campaign. Those are still great commercials, but I like the lizard ones better. Another campaign they did was with the pig, Maxwell. Here are a few of my favorites of each, starting with the gecko.

#1: “Flat Tire”

In this one, the Gecko has a flat tire, but he wants to be a little more dramatic about it, which makes it funny.

#2: “Mount Rushmore”

The Gecko is not that great with directions, as shown here in this commercial. I think he was trying to get to Mount Rushmore, but did not realize he was already there.


#3: “Ventriloquist”

I guess lizards do not make good ventriloquists, according to Bobby.

Now for some “happier than ___” commercials.

#1: “Two Tickets”

People saving money on switching to Geico are happier than Eddie Money running a travel agency.

#2: “Dikembe Mutombo”

People saving hundreds are happier than Dikembe Mutombo blocking a shot. I am just going to assume that this guy is a famous basketball player?

#3: “Directing Traffic”

Ever seen a body builder directing traffic? I sure have not, but he seems pretty happy doing it.

And lastly, the Maxwell the pig commercials.

#1: “Weeee”

This commercial cracks me up every time I watch it! The question? “Did the little piggy cry wee, wee, wee all the way home?” The answer? “Yes, yes he did.”

#2: “Zip line”

I love the zip line. I did it once at camp and wish I could do it again. Just something about the feel of the rush of the wind in your face. It’s amazing. Maxwell the Pig returns in this commercial saying “Weee” while going down the zip line.

and lastly,

#3: “Street Lunge”

Another “Weeeee” commercial, this time, while street lunging. Notice how in all 3 commercials Maxwell has his pinwheels?

I personally like the Gecko and Pig commercials the best. Geico also did some commercials with woodchucks and bucks and probably some more like that. Those are great too, I just did not post them here. If you ever need a laugh, just watch these commercials. 🙂








(All videos and images courtesy of YouTube and Google.)

Ad Campaign: Swiffer

“Swiffer gives cleaning a whole new meaning.” How many of you use Swiffer products? I sure do. I love my little duster thing and it works really well. Now, how many of you like their commercials? I like them. They are funny and unique and it works for them. Swiffer has taken love to a whole new meaning in these ads.

#1: “Nerdy Girls”

This one is about two girls who need to feel loved, and the dust girl finds that one true love with the Swiffer duster.

#2: “Dust Dude”

I have always liked this commercial. The dust is just chilling in your keyboard. Ever check your keyboard after this commercial? I have and man, does it need a good dusting.

#3: “Swiffer WetJet”

“Who’s that lady?” oh wait, that’s a mop and a bowling ball kicked to the garage. Hey, at least they found love. lol

#4: “Swiffer Sweeper”

And another “sexy lady” commercial, except this time its a broom and a rake with a leaf stuck to it.

#5: “Swiffer 360 Duster”

This one is about the duster being kicked to the curb. The duster, feeling left out, gets a mariachi band to try to win her back, except it does not work. Poor little duster.

#6: “TV Store Spot”

“Don’t you want me baby??” The mop is now the one all alone again, standing outside the store in the rain watching this commercial. It’s very sad, but gets the point across.

and lastly,

#7: “Swiffer WetJet…again”

Another mop one. Noticing a trend here in their advertising? The mop is the one always left out. In this one, the mop tries to get back in the house with flowers and a candy gram. But, sadly, it does not work.

Swiffer is a popular brand that took inanimate objects and gave them character. Their advertising is excellent and I just love those commercials. 🙂

(All videos courtesy of YouTube)

Ad Campaign: Hershey’s Kisses

“Delightfully Delicious, One-of-a-kind Kisses.” I love Hershey’s Kisses. They are one of my favorite chocolates. Milk chocolate ones that is. 🙂 I also love how Hershey’s does their advertising. Specifically their commercials. I just love those dancing Kisses. Here is a list of my favorite commercials and why I like them.

#1: “Kisses Christmas”

Now, this one is mine and my mom’s all time favorite! We look forward to this commercial every Christmas season and stop what we are doing to listen and play along. The “Phew” part at the very end is the best! 🙂

#2: “Off to Work We Go”

This commercial is from their 2009 campaign. It is probably the most popular one played on TV. I like all of the commercials similar to this one, where they have to pass the “shine test” and everything. Very clever, Hershey’s.

#3: “Caramel Factory”

This one is similar to that last commercial and, of course, I love it just as much. I just love that the Kisses are wearing hardhats!

#4: “You’re Like Me”

This one features their Almond Kisses and what goes in to making that special kiss.

#5: “Curious Kiss”

Love cookies and creme as much as I do? Well this one features a curious milk chocolate kiss wondering about what is going on in the next room.

And lastly,

#6: “Marching Band”

This is another one of my favorites. The video says it is from 2005. I was in the band all throughout middle school and high school so this one speaks to me on a more personal level. I love how the Kisses turn into marching band instruments and the fact that there is a flute (I played flute) and a triangle (I was in the front ensemble playing the marimba/any other percussion instrument). 🙂

Well I don’t know about you, but now I want some Hershey’s Kisses.

I think I might just go eat one…or two.

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